Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween fun

Well, on Tuesday, I tried to do a scan of my computer because my Internet explorer wasn't working well (it was freezing up all the time.) So, once the scan was done and the system restarted, it couldn't open up my windows. :(

So, I had to bring it in and $100+ dollars later, my baby is home again.

(It's crazy how much I use the computer during the day!)

Anyway, so I've got a bunch of pictures to share from our week.

On Tuesday, we carved pumpkins. (I set up the tripod and took some pictures with the timer so I could be in the pictures for a change.)

The before.

The during. (The kids help scoop out the seeds and draw the faces on the pumpkins and then I carve.)

Austin cut off the top of his own pumpkin.
(I was quite pleased with how responsible he was being.)

The afters: Jonahs' crocodile.

Sage's kitty.

The completed pumpkins including my queen and "Austin's" bat (he instructed me to draw and cut out a bat while he went outside to play.)

All lit up.

And here are our halloween costumes. The kids dressed up after lunch to go to school.

Austin was a mad scientist, Sage, a cowgirl and Jonah, a crocodile.
And for trick or treating after supper, Sage switched to a sunflower and I joined them, by dressing up as a pioneer.

Such a fun week (and tons of treats to boot!)
Thanks for looking!


Danielle said...

These photos are so cute, Leigh!! I need to figure out my timer, so I can be in some of the photos too. Great idea!

Jennifer said...

so cute! you got some fabulous photos!

Danielle said...

such cute pics! the kids look like they enjoyed the day!

Heather M. said...

Love the photos with you in them! The pumpkins are super cute and I love the kids costumes! Looks like you had lots of fun!

Danielle Holsapple said...

Sorry about the computer mess up. :( But your halloween looks like it was a hit!

Laurence said...

I'd love to have pictures like that, unfortunately I don't. I think that next year I'll find pumpkins to carve, seems to be really fun!

Bianca said...

adorable!! looks like a great time!

Leah said...

So great that you are in some picture's too!! Love your pumpkins...So Cute!!

Juliana said...

These are such wonderful photos Leigh! Love all of the photos you have in your last several posts!
And way to go on the fencing! That is some work!

ellen said...

such cute photos! they are cuties, and the pumpkins look fabulous!

Davinie said...

Love those pumpkin carving shots. That princess pumpkin is so cute! Good for you, getting in the photos.

Audrey Pettit said...

Oh, how I love all your photos! I just smiled so big at the kiddos holding their pumpkins and in their costumes. What a great mommy you are for dressing up with them. Too, too fun!