Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A list for 2008

Instead of new year's resolutions this year, I was inspired by this blog, to create a list. But instead of a life list, like she did, I thought I'd like to make a list of things that I'd like to do in 2008.

So here it is:

  1. Lose 20 lbs (and keep it off!)
  2. Go on the Women’s Retreat at church
  3. Go on a spa day with Darlene
  4. Install new carpeting and paint my basement
  5. Do something creative with the canvases I bought
  6. Go on a car trip with my family
  7. Sleep in a tent with my kids
  8. Get a new swimsuit
  9. Make a new advent calendar for next Christmas
  10. Be on time more often
  11. Volunteer regularly in the boys’ classes
  12. Sign up for Tae Kwon Do with Austin
  13. Make crafts with Sage
  14. Do the mosaic puzzle that I got a few years ago
  15. Plant sunflowers in my garden
  16. Go away for a night with some friends
  17. Have friends over for supper
  18. Join a couples’ Bible study/care group
  19. Send notes of encouragement
  20. Be more on top of things
  21. Say no when someone asks me to do something (at least once!)
  22. Get a new bike
  23. Go to reading time at the library with Sage
  24. Walk to school more often
  25. Get a new winter jacket with matching ski pants
  26. Take my kids ice skating
  27. Go to a movie at the theatre
  28. Take a picture everyday (Project 365)
  29. Scrapbook
  30. Go on a date with Cameron—just the two of us
  31. Learn how to download songs from iTunes
  32. Spend time with my kids one-on-one
  33. Learn how to use my camera better
  34. Go to a movie at the drive-in
  35. Spend more time outdoors
  36. Plan another 5km Walk/Run/Ride for the Congo
  37. Participate in #36 by running
  38. Organize my house
  39. Play the piano
  40. Simplify

#40 is my word for 2008. I talked to Cameron about it last night. Right now, for me it means to make decisions on what we need and don't need in our lives right now. But I'm sure throughout the course of the year, it will evolve. I'm kind of excited to see what it teaches me.


littlepurplecow said...

Loved seeing your list. I too am inspired by Project 365 and have been thinking about it since last week. This just might be the push for me. Best wishes for 2008.

Eva said...

Great goals, Leigh! Happy New Year!