Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Project 366, week 4

Wow, four weeks into the year already-- January is flying by! (And a good thing, too, because I'm really looking forward to spring!)

Here are my pictures for the last week:

Tuesday, January 22: My friend, Val, set up her scrabble board with words to take a picture for the mini-album craft I planned for our women's retreat.

Wednesday, January 23: My favourite soft-drink. Seven years ago, I was addicted to drinking Coca-Cola. I would have a glass or two every day. Then I started on a weight loss program where I gave up sugar (including Coke!) and haven't drank any since. Diet rootbeer has been my substitute, but I don't drink it every day.

Thursday, January 24: For Family Literacy Day, our library held a pyjama party. All three of my kids wore their jammies brought a stuffed friends with them, where they listened to guest readers read them stories. So cute!

Friday, January 25: My first picture at Camp Arnes for our women's retreat. I was on the planning committee, so we drove up a little earlier to set up the rooms. Each women got a folder for the weekend and amazing gift bags (think cool hair product, tanning stuff and chocolate!)

Saturday, January 26: (Day two of the retreat.) My friends, Val (in blue) and Pam (in pink), making mini-albums (my craft). It was so cool to see Val scrapbooking-- I've been trying to get her to try it for almost 5 years!

Sunday, January 27: The forty-two women who attended our retreat, plus our speaker. I set up my camera on a table and used the timer to take this shot (so I could be in it, too!)

Monday, January 28: So, I was sick all weekend with a terrible cold and Monday was the worst day. So I pretty much spent the day trying to function, keeping my kids alive and reading this book, which was very good.
So, there are my pictures for the week. Any favourites?


Melanie said...

My favorite picture is or Pam and Val making mini albums 'cause I want to be there!!! Looks like a lot of fun! And those treats in the rooms... got any extras??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Great pics - my fav is the scrabble board. Susan