Monday, January 07, 2008

Project 365, week 1

Trying to simplify a little today. Saw this link on Ali Edward's blog about the "Four Laws of Simplicity." It was great to read-- very inspiring in a hey-I-can-do-this kind of way.

I started on this process earlier today by taking down my Christmas decorations (including my tree). I think this is the longest that I've ever left it up! As I went through my stuff I decided that whatever didn't get put up/out this year, would be gotten rid of. Easier said than done, however. Do I get rid of the old stockings that I made when we first got married and when each baby arrived (even though I made new ones this year that we didn't use)? And what about the tree skirt that my mom made me over 10 years ago (that I don't really like anymore)? There's way too much guilt that comes with possessions, don't you think? So, these items I did pack up with my stuff-- I figure I can deal with them next year. But I did get rid of some other stuff-- ornaments and the like. And that, along with a clean house, feels really good.

So, I decided with the new year that I would participate in Project 365-- take a picture every day this year (which, now that I think about it should be Project 366, because it's a leap year.) So here are my pictures from the first seven days 2008:

I started off the New Year with some new-year-cleaning. I tackled my kitchen-- organizing and wiping down cabinets, etc.

Sage, at the bottom of our basement stairs waiting patiently for me to go with her upstairs.

Jonah & Cameron watching TV in the evening.

My scrap table.

We took the kids tobbogganing on Saturday morning and one of Austin's friends joined us. I just love their faces when they're sledding-- I never have to ask them to smile!

This one I took through Sage's bedroom window. I love the spray of snow.

An aside: I don't have a "snow setting" on my camera. I'm just wondering what settings I should use on my camera (ISO, WB, etc.) to take better pictures outside in winter. The snow always looks blue and their jackets look grainy. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

And today's shot-- back to school. I didn't realize how well my boys' jackets and backpacks coordinated with each other! :)


Eva said...

Great photos Leigh, and I love the border around them too!

I used the snow setting on my camera for the first time the other day, but I probably won't again. Even though my flash was down, it made the faces super bright and shiny. :( Sorry, no great advice for you.

Tam said...

Love all your pictures. Especially the one of your dishes! TFS!

Heather M. said...

Awesome photos!
I always overexpose by at least 1 stop to get 'whiter' snow.