Friday, January 11, 2008

Trying out the new jacket & ski pants

On Wednesday, my friend Val & I went to Winnipeg. Our mission: to find a new winter jacket and matching ski pants for me. And we were successful! :)

I found a Columbia winter jacket in my favourite colour-combo (chocolate brown & blue-- just like my living room ;) ) at Sport Mart. Unfortunately, they didn't carry the matching ski pants, so we searched high and low to find an acceptable pair. I ended up settling for a pair of men's ski pants that were the same brand and colour, but "not as flattering as women's ski pants" (said Val.)

But then, yesterday morning, I went to Time Out Sports in Winkler, where I bought the last pair of women's Columbia brown ski pants that match perfectly with my jacket! I was so thrilled, it was a little sad. ;) But I really wanted a matching winter set, something that I haven't had since I was a teenager.

So, after volunteering in Jonah's kindergarten class this morning, Sage and I met up with friends at the park to go tobbogganing. And I was warm!! :) In fact, the only part of me that got cold was my right hand-- when I took off my mitten to take pictures. ;)

Sage and me, photo taken by my friend, Susan.

Abbie, age 5, trying to pull Sage and Claire (almost 3) up the hill.

Adam, Susan's son-- a real cutie-pie!

I really like this shot-- Sage going down the hill backwards on her tummy.

Susan, Abbie and Adam.

Sage and me.

Tamara and her son, Sammy (another cutie-pie!),

And her daughter, Claire.

And Sage, after having slid to a stop on a crazy carpet. Love how daring and brave, but not reckless, my daughter is!

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