Friday, June 24, 2011

Five for Friday

A quick post today to say five things that have "made my day" this week:

1. Yesterday, I (reluctantly) volunteered in Austin's school for the morning. I'd been dreading it a little, but it actually turned out to be a good morning.

2. While I was there, one of the students in my group asked if I knew her sister (who attends the high school.) When I said that I did, she said: "She says that you're cool." How sweet was that?! That is definitely not something I hear very often (although, I know that the kids are thinking it, of course! ;) )

3. On Wednesday, I was the highest ranking at tae kwon do and led the class (a first for me.) I was told be several members afterwards that I'd done a good job.

4. This post on the Papertrey Ink Forums totally made me smile. The question was asked "Who's scrapbooking style do you admire?" and someone said me!

5. My brothers and their families are coming out today with my mom for the weekend! I can't wait to see them.

Okay, off to vaccuum before they get here....
Thanks for looking!


Lynn said...

Reading your post made me smile! Way to go with leading your tae kwon do class that takes guts. And being told that your cool and people like your scrapbook style would certainly make my day!
Btw you do have a fantastic sb style :)

Have a great weekend with your family!

Laurence said...

I could have said "you" too, I love what you do although I've returned to a more shabby style lately...