Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, sort of...

Today is Cameron's birthday. We'd planned to go out for supper to the Iceburg Drive-in in Winkler for supper followed by a round of mini-golf at the Meadows.

But the kids and I wanted to do a little more...

So, we baked a banana cake this morning and made some cards:

(from left to right: Jonah's, mine, Austin's and Sage's (I love how she writes her name!!)

Here's a close up of mine. (I used Scenic Route and My Mind's Eye pp, a Doodlebug paper frill, an Autumn Leaves chipboard shape, a Tim Holtz ticket, some Carolee Creations stickers and Sassafras buttons (I love these, btw, they're already sewed and they're self adhesive!! You wouldn't think that I could be so enamored by some buttons, but apparently, yes, I can. ;) )

We wrapped his gift and hid it so he could find with the kids while they play "hot & cold". (The kids love this!)

They also closed the curtains and hid, so when he walked in, they could jump out and yell surprise. It was so cute. And Cameron is such a great sport, totally playing it up. :)

And with the cake. I can't believe he's 38. It seems like just yesterday that we started dating and we celebrated his 25th birthday-- I remember teasing him that he was so old--a quarter of a century!

Time sure does fly...

Happy birthday, Cameron!!


Heather M. said...

Awww, how sweet! Love all the cards!
Happy birthday, Cameron!

Anabelle said...

How cute!! Love all of the cards. He must have been so happy to get them. ;)